At first we had no idea that the empty lot next door came with the home. The minute we discovered that it came with the house [at closing] we knew exactly what we were going to do with it – add a pool. That empty lot had been cleared by hand one summer, coincidently by our neighbor when we was a kid. It was cleared of all the brush, and only tall trees and grass remained – there was no fencing anywhere around the perimeter of the property or home. Dr. Frost had purchased the land apparently to avoid having an ugly traditional home being built next door to him. The open side lot was used by the deer as access to the neighborhood, and the kids used it as a shortcut on their walk home. Now it is our private oasis, where you can find us on almost any sunny warm day.


See below some progress videos of the pool going in.

Oh! And a couple of drone views from the first summer we had the pool installed [2017]


    1. YEs the whole house is very well insulated. The walls + ceilings + floors are either wood or aluminum panels sandwiched with 5-6 inches of styrofoam. And the house has had new windows added in the past 15 years to commercial grade double glazing.


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