There are 3 key colors utilized throughout the house: yellow + green + blue; accented with black and white. We are getting ready to spruce up the interiors and exteriors so we went to the paint store to find some matching colors and here is what we found.


Paint by different brands:




Valspar has the most direct match with the colors that are present in the house today, but they are all pretty close to one another that it is splitting hairs when looking at Sherwin-Williams + Olympic. As for favorite names for colors: Valspar Golden Treasure because that is how we feel about the yellow, although Rise-n-Shine from Olympic is more what it screams at you in the AM, Cheerful is for sure the best way to say it – we agree Sherwin-Williams; we are not really into any of the names for the greens or blues, Flyway is not bad for the Blue, but we see it more like ‘Clear Skies’, although we have been calling it ‘peacock blue’;  and as for the green we have always referred to it as ‘kelly green’.

Once we get started on the painting we need to do all the blues + yellows + greens inside and out to keep them coordinated. That is going to require a mix of satins + matte + gloss….. and plenty of it. Oh! And there are a lot of louver doors to paint, and of course not leaving any details unthought of, the interiors of the closets are all painted too, and we are not talking just the back of the doors – we mean the interiors of the closets.

Colors by rooms:

Kitchen is a bright ‘good-morning-shine’ yellow.


Family room is a calming ‘sky’ blue.


The Grand room or formal entertaining / dining area, uses the calming blue in the bookshelves only [ignore the messy shelves – WIP], the rest of the walls are either white or walnut panels.

Image 4-15-18 at 10.52 AM

The family bath is also a calming blue.


The kids bunk room is bright ‘kelly’ green, it’s a color that is sparingly utilized in the house, found on the front door and one small closet.


The hallway closets are blue on left hand side and green on the right.


The guest bedroom is bright yellow, along with the master-bedroom & master-bathroom.


And there you have it – Frost House by color.

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