When we bought the house a year ago, we discovered after we put in the contract on the home, that we also got the lot next door on the title. It was perfectly groomed – filled with some lawn and tall established trees. Coincidently, our neighbor had cleared that lot by hand one summer before starting college. The lot – it was begging for us to do something with this extra space, and adding a pool seemed like the perfect addition to be able to enjoy the garden and the massive tree canopy on warm summer days.

We didn’t waste much time getting plans organized, and quotes aligned. It seem like it took forever, but finally we are working on getting the pool project underway. Everything moved very quickly with digging a hole and prep-work, over the course of 2 days and both a few hours of work at a time: a hole was created and prepared; a pool was delivered and set-in place; and water was added. However, it has been slow progress since, but we are getting there.

Here are some videos and photos of the work-in-progress .. we will post some more as we make progress.



  1. So glad to see people buy this amazing house and contents, who appreciate it’s history. Welcome to the neighborhood. My husband, Keith and I live on Barker Rd.


  2. Interesting houses to see in Edgewood. There were three. Dr. Frost, Bill Priebe, and Joe Nasser. I am curious to see if all three are still around and functional. All three Families took very good care of their property.


    1. All three homes are still around, and functional, ours is the only one untouched over time [maintained but not renovated]. Dr. Frost and Mr.s Frost have both passed, I believe Mrs. Nasser is still around.


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