This is the actual magazine that the Alside Homes are included in. Published on January 16th, 1962, it features a 10 page spread on the future of housing with homes made from: plastics; laminated woods; concrete block; reinforced concrete; asbestos cement [we know how that one turns out]; steel and glass; porcelain-enameled steel; and aluminum.


An exceprt for the article –  “Some are homes for the venturesome clients. Others are research houses. All demonstrate that new building materials, suited to mass production, will advance housing from the craft methods of the 19th century to the industrial techniques of the twentieth. The next 25 years will reflect these changes. In excellence of design, performance, cost and appeal, our homes will match America’s best machine-made products.”


And below is the write-up on Alside Homes Corporation …. 


This modern lightweight metal combines easy shipping, which attracts manufacturers, with easy maintenance, which delights homeowners. The research-minded alumium industry has sponsored many experimental houses. But the nearest thing to a mass-produced aluminum house is this one by designer Emil A. Tessin II of Alside Homes Corporation in Akron, Ohio. Floors, roof and solid walls are of refinished aluminum panels, with insulated cores, like the one Tessin sits on at the left. Along with aluminum-framed sliding glass window walls, they are fitted onto a steel frame in a choice of floor plans. Alside’s year-end aim: 200 houses a day. This is a 1,500-square-footer will sell, erected for about $12,000, plus lot.

Publisher: Look Magazine
Producer: John Peter
Photographer: Phillip Harrington

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