A mid-century modern home designed by Emil TessinIn January 1962 Look Magazine did a story on what the world would be like in 1987, the headline was ‘The next 25 years’. There were many features and interviews with famous people like the Kennedy’s + MLK to drop a few names. Anyway, in that edition one particular story was on the future of housing, where Alisde Homes were featured as homes being built from aluminum would be the norm, how amazing is that [we promptly snatched up two copies from eBay], unfortunately the prediction was off, but nonetheless it was fun to see our prefab home mentioned. The photographer Phillip A. Harrington, was sent to photograph the homes designed by Emil Tessin. Phillip has an extraordinary story himself, he worked as a professional photojournalist from 1940 until about 1990 when he retired traveling across America and internationally.

His son contacted us, Evan Harrington, he was researching Emil Tessin to find connections, and found us. He reached out to see if we would be interested in the ‘outtakes’ from the shoot, of course we purchased them – they are remarkable, and we are excited to be sharing them with you here. What is more exciting, if you are interested in other fabulous photographs of architects like: Carl Koch; Oscar Niemeyer; Louis Kahn; Craig Ellwood, to name a few, or Hollywood stars & famous musicians like: Elvis; Audrey Heburn; Esther Williams; Sean Connery the list goes on – did we mention the Kennedy’s? Please check out over 1600 of Phillip Harrington’s photographs here, they are for sale too. We are looking to add some of these to the walls at the Frost House soon … which ones do we choose? That is our problem… so many great photos.

A mid-century modern home designed by Emil TessinA mid-century modern home designed by Emil TessinA mid-century modern home designed by Emil TessinA mid-century modern home designed by Emil Tessin

If you want to see more of Harrington’s work click here “Notably, Harrington photographed Elvis Presley early in 1956, a critical year in Presley’s career. In 1957 Harrington traveled to Communist China in violation of a United States edict banning American journalists from entering China. In doing so, Harrington stressed the importance of the freedom of the press, and later won the prestigious George Polk journalism award for his photographic essay, published in Look Magazine.” You can read more about Phillip who passed away at the age of 88 in 2009 here.

Emil TessinEmil TessinEmil TessinA mid-century modern home designed by Emil Tessin

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